About Us.


Schools don’t teach you how to Be the Boss, they teach you how to go out and work for one! The Fashion Boss Academy was implemented to fill the void for those of us who are fueled by Fashion and want to build a career out of our passion! We believe in the power of OWNership- There is nothing like waking up everyday on your OWN terms, Making your OWN coin, working for something that no one could take away from you! The #FBA is whole heartedly dedicated to transforming the Fashionpreneurs dreams to reality.

“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs!”

Become A Fashion Boss

Comprised of 4 weeks of Advanced Learning Modules, this program puts you on the fast track to Becoming a Successful Boutique Owner within 30 days! In this program you will Register your Business, Obtain all necessary permits, Learn the ins and outs of Branding & Marketing, Become an Expert Buyer & Merchandiser, Receive Access to over 1k Vendors, and take a Field Trip to the Los Angeles Fashion District! Level III students will even get custom branding & a custom website!

Style Tour

This highly requested 1 day seminar is for the Fashion Kid who has always dreamt of being Fashion Stylist! We cover the business of styling, styling for red carpet, tv/film, videos and more! Check our schedule to find out when we will be in a city near you!

Our Founder

India Monae
Fashion Stylist/Boutique Owner


India Monae got her start in fashion when she landed an internship producing the industries most prominent event- New York Fashion Week! From there she began her career as a Fashion stylist-wardrobing film and styling for Book covers, Red Carpets, Videos  & more.

In 2008, she became an Assistant Regional Sales Rep for Beyonce’s Dereon brand.  While selling Dereon and other brands, she learned all she needed to know about retail BUYING, which led her to founding IndiaMonae.com– an online shopping destination which raked in over 93k in sales in her first 8 months!

India, with the help of her industry pals, has combined their years of expertise to develop the #FashionBossAcademy. 

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